My name is Katherine Reed. I stumbled onto my passion for birth when I was sixteen during a high school Labor and Delivery internship. I attended my first birth as a labor companion when I was seventeen, and then did my training to become a Doula through DONA in 2002.  In college I got my associates degree in Arts and Sciences as a prerequisite to becoming an Nurse at UVSC where I became an LPN for a short time.  At the time of becoming a Doula I also became a HypnoBirthing practitioner. 

I have five children four of which are HypnoBirthing babies. As a family we love to go boating at Lake Powell and Bear Lake every year. My husband is scout master which means I am a single mom many weekends a year. The scariest thing I have done to date is teach another human to drive! I am a soccer and dance mom and love every second of it. I'm lucky to have a family that supports what I do. Being on call is exciting and I love the surprise and excitement that babies bring.

Fun Facts about me:                                                    - I've given birth to a baby in the car.

-I've given birth to twins naturally which is very rare.

-I've been bitten by a duck.

-I love diet Dr. Pepper!

-I love Sour Patch Kids.

-My toe nails are always painted.

-My favorite restaurant is Texas Road House

-I love the sun.

-My favorite colors are red and pink.